– Born 1983 in Ha Tay, Vietnam

– Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association

– Phone: +84 915 503 045

– Email:

– Graduatd from Hanoi Univesity of Industrial Fine Arts, specialized in lacquer in 2007

I’m a freelance artist, living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam. I love Vietnamese natural lacquer (“Sơn mài”), and practice this technique in most of the process of cooperation.

Sometimes I have learned to use other materials and techniques, as a way for change my thinking.


– Group exhibition “The Lacquer Roads” at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum.

– Exhibition Dream of a Foreign Land, Mo Art Space, 136 Hang Trong, Hanoi.
– First prize – Vietnam Fine Arts Association Award 2021

– Lacquer & Paper painting exhibition at Vietnam Fine Arts Musuem.
– C prize of Hanoi area – Vietnam Fine Arts Association Award.
– Vietnam National Exhibition 2020.

– The Particles Solo Exhibition at Vietnam Fine Arts Musuem.
– Solo Exhibition at Jeng Guan Galleries – Taiwan

– Art In The Forest Exhibition at Arts space of Flamingo Dai Lai.

– Lacquer Painting Exhibition of Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

– Viridity Peak Exhibition at Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

– Won the 3th prize of Festival Young Vietnamese Artists in Hanoi.

– Son Luc Exhibition at 29 Hang Bai street, Hanoi.

– Art Exhibition of The Young Vietnamese Artists Club from 2011 to 2016.

– Domino Art Fair 2016 at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

– “In – Out” Art Exhibition of The Young Vietnamese Artists Club in Hanoi.

– TET Art and Hanoi Art Market at Hang Da Galleria, Hanoi.

– Vietnamese Lacquer paintings exhibition in Rusia.

– Group Art Exhibition at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum.

– Son Ta Exhibition of Vietnamese Lacquer Painting Artists group in Hanoi.

– Mekong Subregion Contemporary Art Exhibition in Thailand.

– Art Exhibition in Gwangju, Korea.

– Hanoi Fine Arts Exhibition.

– ASEAN Graphic Art Exhibition at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum.

– Group Art Exhibition at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum.


The material used predominantly in my paintings is traditional natural lacquer, also known as “Sơn ta” in Vietnamese. “Sơn ta” lacquer is made from resin collected from the lacquer tree. This traditional substance can create a variety of visual effects when combining it with different pigments and other natural materials such as eggshell, pearl shell, gold and silver leaf…

There are three species of lacquer tree in the world (Rhus succedanea, Rhus vernicifera and Melanorrhoea usitata), which can be found across Northeast to Southern Asia. In some countries in this area, such as China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam the expoitation of lacquer has over thousands of years of history. Natural lacquer was traditionally exploited and used for decoration, making everyday appliances and paint for buildings and structures.

Lacquer was first used as a fine art form in Vietnam during the French occupation in the 1930s. The unique technique of overlapping multiple layers of lacquer and grinding it to create unique effects in art works was the innovation of generations of Vietnamese artists along with some French painters and traditional Vietnamese lacquer craftsmen. The phrase “Sơn mài” translates to “lacquer grinding” and is the official title for Vietnamese lacquer painting. It indicates the significant status of the legacy, innovation and uniqueness this art form has brought to the Vietnamese people and to the history of art.


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